Monday, March 2, 2009

Covers From Beyond!

Via Boing Boing: an amazing collection of old covers (including the masterpiece above) can be perused to your head scratching delight here.

Between that and other comic/book cover archives, it makes me pine for weirder days in publishing.


Tim said...

**Obvious crap joke alert!**

I bet the dude who looks a bit like Cary Grant is saying "Nice beaver."

Paul Hornschemeier said...

It had to be said.

But in all seriousness: why would the horrifying mutated rodent be a beaver? Because rats are too tired as a fear-inducer? I mean, beavers are about as scary as otters. And otters are adorable.

Tim said...

That's a good point. Maybe these immense radioactive beavers are just gentle giants seeking peace with the other life forms of planet Earth.

Unfortunately, it seems that mankind just doesn't give a *damn* (oh good lord I'm sorry).

Either way, I really want to read this book.

emilyeirich said...

Radio-active beavers are slightly scarier than otters because they have the power to build gigantic dams. Also: It looks like one of the humans has sided with the mutated beavers. Clearly he's been trained in their method of attack.

Tim said...

I found a way to resolve the rodent mutation crisis:

Unfortunately they taste vile.