Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Another Way to Spell That Thing

For those that tire of attempting to piece together the many (some would argue superfluous) letters of my last name, this cover I've just finalized for the Korean edition of "Mother, Come Home" (complete with a wood pattern wrap-around band at the bottom) should offer an elegant solution. Or anyway, I think that's my name on there somewhere. For all I know, it says, "Horrible book! Avoid like the plague."

(Above, the book (back cover, spine, and front cover) with band; below, the book by itself)


Mary said...

Hey Paul,

My friend Maggie Joyce is in South Korea this year, so I asked her which of those squiggles is your name. Here's her response, which I received right after getting off the phone with you:

"As to the link you sent me, I gathered that next to
where it says Paul Hornschemeier in English on the
flap, it says his name in Hangul, which is likewise on
the front cover in the second largest line, below the
title. I was able to figure this out with my
excellent reasoning skills, but my co-teacher
confirmed it for me. Next time I'm in a bookstore
I'll keep my eyes peeled. I hope the Koreans enjoy.
My fellow teacher sure liked the cover art, but she's
one of those Canadians that dominate foreign Seoul."

So there ya go, a little translation work and some positive feedback from the other side of the globe. (and from north of the border, indirectly).

And here's some positive feedback from the South Side of Chicago: Looks good!

mary strong

Paul Hornschemeier said...

Thanks, Mary. You're the champ. And a tip of the reasoning hat to Maggie.

Now back to the word play of Fry and Laurie I go...

Thumbs up (but not quite orthogonal),