Friday, August 3, 2007

PK and the WB, Hillside Sushi and DJ Douggpound

I'm a bit behind in posting, given the amount of driving (something in and of itself worthy of a couple posts) that's been involved in the last few days, but I'll do my best to rectify that delay over the course of the next couple days...

On Monday, we explored Los Angeles as fully as our already pop-culture-burnt-out brains would allow. Our tour guide was the ever hilarious and sonically talented PK Hooker, with whom we were staying.( Mr. Hooker, whose day job entails working on little indie films like "Superman Returns" and "Transformers" has been previously posted about for his affiliation with the infamous Pusy Gums Johnson)

PK was kind enough to show us around his place of work. For most people, this involves a cubicle and would be understandably yawn inducing, but for PK this involves showing you the set of "Animal House." As we explored the facades of the Warner Brothers studios, it was disillusioning (though only mildly, given the amount of "making of's" I've seen over the years), walking from a (now graffiti covered) "Annie" street to the town center of "Gilmore Girls," then shuffling mere feet to the faux grit of Chicago, in the form of the external set of "ER."

The evening set in with a dusk dinner atop the hills, at Yamashiro, which has excellent food, but could serve macaroni and poop with the view you're afforded (and that's not to mention the architecture, replicating a palace near Kyoto). One of our ordered rolls was the "Darth Vadar," a dish that I'm sure would have been ordered ad nauseam by the crowd we'd left in San Diego.

Then it was down to lower altitudes and comedy courtesy DJ Douggpound (PK's roommate, whose day job, just as boring as PK's, is working on "Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job." Douggpound was the glue between the comedy shards, one of which was the aptly named "Rapping Jewish Grandma" (I apologize if I'm getting her stage name wrong, but, then, just about everything about her act was wrong... and simultaneously the best entertainment of the night: Doug is to be commended for not losing his shit entirely while she "rapped" (if one can call it that) in front of him on the turntables). Awful. Magnificent. She was LA with a microphone.


Darren said...

Did you meet Bruce "The Chin" Campbell? Because, if not, I consider your travels a bust...


Paul Hornschemeier said...

Then I'm afraid you consider my travels a bust, Darren.

As for the comments you left on a previous post about Sequential, you seem to have sorted that out... but the individual issues are long out of circulation, so I couldn't have offered any help regardless.

Sorry to not have better news.