Wednesday, May 9, 2007

The Three Paradoxes East Coast Tour

In that unending effort to sleep poorly in as many alien beds as possible, I will be scuttling up the east coast, chucking ink into whatever people see fit to have ink chucked. The east coast leg of this (a west coast leg will be solidified shortly, happening in late July/early August) starts in North Carolina and ends in New York. My father, one of the principal "characters" of the book, may even show up at one of these events. There may be puppets. There may be sleep deprivation. Scratch that: there will absolutely be sleep deprivation.

Links to the events/sites:

June 15-17: HeroesCon
June 19: Velocity Comics
June 21: Atomic Pop (Atomic Books) with novelist/poet Tao Lin
June 22: Rocketship
June 23-24: Mocca Festival

So if you're in the area of one of these, stop by. We can stare at each other and try not to talk about the weather.

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