Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Fat Toad Farm

Anyone who knows me know that I have a terrible sweet tooth, probably bordering on a mental illness. Well for anyone who is in the same delicious boat, I highly recommend you order something from Fat Toad Farm. But the real reason to order something from them isn't that their caramel (and goat cheese) is delicious (though it undeniably is). It's that they're easily some of the nicest people you'll ever deal with. In addition to being beyond friendly and including hand-written notes in orders, the owner, after me mentioning in an e-mail that my sister has always been a big fan of goats, took the time to write me a nice long e-mail about taking walks with her goats and listening to the sounds of them eating in the morning.

Delicious food prepared by standup, caring people. What more can you want? Oh, and a logo by New Yorker cartoonist Ed Koren. Add good taste to the list.

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