Monday, April 16, 2012

Threadless in Space-Time

Today's the first day you can pick up the new "Comics-On Tees" series of Threadless shirts written by Jeffrey Brown and drawn by Anders Nilsen, Jeff Lemire, Mr. Brown, and myself. The group of four shirts is available as a pack or as individual shirts, but be sure to get them all: the shirts tell one continuous tale. If you only get one, you'll never know what happens next! Egad. So either get three of your friends to go in on this with you and constantly hang out as a group for the rest of your life OR buy the shirts and sew them into one madman's toga. Either way, you come out a winner.

To see the shirts in the wild, check out some of the shots people snapped at C2E2 this past weekend, where the shirts made their debut.

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