Monday, November 28, 2011

A Tasteful 25% Off at The Forlorn Funnies Store

Sales, sales, sales. Everywhere this time of year, there are sales. But at least I have the integrity to rise above all of that. Instead I am granting a tasteful Customer Appreciation Discount (see? classy.) at The Forlorn Funnies Store. Starting now, and going for the next 48 hours, you can get 25% off EVERYTHING in the store. That includes all the original art I just posted for sale... and also includes a brand new feature on the store: all the daily drawings from The Daily Forlorn are up for grabs. See a drawing you like? Or saw one you liked two months ago? Send me an e-mail and see if it's still available. If so, it's yours for the taking.

To get 25% off your order, just enter this code on the site: THANKS25

Simple? Simple. And so much better than those crass sales. How gauche.

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