Monday, October 10, 2011

Milk Shift

Via the great Joe Mochove (see Joe and his pal Rusty with me here):

"Milk Shift"

Out, driving on the streets at 1:30am, with no destination in mind. I was at home, restless, not ready for sleep, and I determined I really wanted some chocolate milk. Almost bought some earlier but didn’t.

I decided I wanted some enough to go out. This is the journal of my trip.

I’ve now decided I am going to Wawa. They will have whatever I can want.

Okay, chocolate milk acquired. Wawa was quiet and sparse with customers. Most people were waiting on ordered food. In and out. I sit in my car with my jug. It is 1:46am.

As I drive back home, I think of how silly it is to go out so late for something so unnecessary. Still, despite the time of night, I remain safe in my car, buffered from the world around me.

I drank my chocolate milk and, as expected, it was too much. Such is the danger of delicious chocolate milk.

It is 1:58am.

I am now in my house. I am where I am supposed to be at such an hour. I am only a little more tired. Regardless, my trip is over.

It is 2:13am. I think of yesterdays while preparing for tomorrow.

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