Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Paris and Wookies

I was recently interviewed by The Paris Review about Life with Mr. Dangerous, which I'll be taking – along with myself and a healthy dose of Hobbit body spray – to Comic-Con this week.

I'm signing at a few tables this year, so please make note of the below migratory pattern. If you're around the convention, work your way through the entire cast of Star Trek Deep Space Nine and say hello.

Here's where I'll be when I'm not outside recovering:

Fantagraphics (Booth 1718), 5 to 6pm

Chronicle Books (Booth 1506), 1 to 2pm
Fantagraphics, 3 to 4pm

Fantagraphics, 2 to 4pm
Random House (Booth 1515), 5 to 5:30pm

Even if you've watched it, it's worth another go... My friend John Huston and me at Comic-Con 2009:

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Tim said...

Y'know, in theory Comic Con *should* be somewhere I'd love to go, but I'm pretty sure in reality I'd go postal within about two minutes of walking through the doors and start beating randoms over the head with a 12 inch figurine of Kathryn Janeway.