Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Life with Mr. Dangerous, On The Press

Above is a picture taken at the press printing Life with Mr. Dangerous, showing every bit of my exhaustion from waking at four a.m. the morning after flying back from New York and driving the three and a half hours to Crawfordsville, Indiana.

But the trip was well worth it and I can personally vouch for the printing being very true to my intentions. The amount that colors can shift on press is staggering... Even in this grainy phone picture I took afterward (below), you can see the shift, printed from the same file, between a page as it printed in Mome (the page lower in the picture) and as printed for the book (the page higher in the picture).

I'll be posting more about book tour dates and other exciting bits here very soon, as well as more information on the Life with Mr. Dangerous limited edition copies. Thanks again to those that pre-ordered and a reminder to those still interested to get your pre-orders in now.

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