Friday, March 18, 2011

Game Over 4 Art, For Sale Online

If you missed the opening for Game Over 4 and can't make it to the gallery, you can still purchase the artwork from the show. My pieces from the show: Untitled (presenting a conundrum for our beloved spheroid hero Pac-Man) and Hello, Inky (pictured above) are available for... however long they're available. There's a mound of geekery available, so peruse the whole gallery to decide how to adorn your walls appropriately.

1 comment:

Lynnette said...

I never get bored of your work. You are an amazing artist and always have been. Congrats on all your achievements. Oh, and Pac-man seriously needs a band-aid. So much for biting of more than you can chew.

Lynnette H.