Monday, August 3, 2009

Sendak on Jonze

For those naysayers or worriers who feel that the trailer of "Where The Wild Things Are" indicates an upcoming perversion of their childhood, none other than author Maurice Sendak gives his (overtly positive) dissection of Jonze's (and Eggers') creation. A better blessing you couldn't get.


Tim said...

I'm *so* looking forward to this movie, although I've just discovered us Britlanders aren't getting it until December!

Is Max rowing the prints over in his little boat personally?!

Grrr! *shakes fist furiously*

I'll have to make do with Dave Egger's novel/adaptation to tide me over, although I won't be buying the fur-covered edition incase I get gum stuck on it.

Paul Hornschemeier said...

You're getting gum stuck to book covers often enough to influence your purchasing decisions? It might be time to seek professional help, Tim.

Tim said...

Well you've got to stick it somewhere - it's a £20 fine if you drop it on the street!