Tuesday, September 16, 2008

So Long, Sundays

The Holy Consumption site, which has, for the past six years, hosted postings of artwork by Jeffrey Brown, John Hankiewicz, Anders Nilsen, and myself, will discontinue its "Sunday Services" ("weekly" offerings which, due to my schedule in concert with this blog and the other three artist's schedules was getting to be far from a weekly event). Anders finished off the six year run with one of the best contributions yet (a truncated version of which is above, but be sure to visit the site to see it in its majestic entirety).

I posted a longer note of the site's progress and where you'll be able to find all of us on The Holy Consumption's blog. For those that e-mailed wondering about the Sunday Services (mainly readers from Sweden, for reasons that escape me), we'll be keeping the site up for anyone who wants to peruse all those past posts, and I'll be sure to post any new events or projects from the group here.

As I noted in that blog post: thanks so much to everyone for reading, e-mailing, and supporting us for these past six years. Your support was invaluable.

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