Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Getting Ahead of Being Behind

I'm running late on posting things, to say the least. In fact, I think at this point I'll just have to resign myself to the fact that my myriad notes about Arks' tour will have to all be ad hoc. This tardiness can be blamed in part on only sporadic access to the internet, but more chiefly on me bustling – wacom tablet beside me in the van and in strangers' houses – to complete the third issue of Omega the Unknown, which is now (finally) off to press.

All that said (with far, far more to be said soon), tonight Arks will bring our nonpartisan sweat and shouts to the eyes and ears of Velvet Lounge goers in Washington D.C. Wordsmith and culture enthusiast Scott Rosenberg wrote a nice article for the Washington Posts' Express previewing the show. Last night in historic Fredericksburg, Virginia, the crowd gave one hell of a performance (though no one was physically thrown out, as was the case in Knoxville, twice). Show us what you've got, D.C.

Then we'll tremble our way up the cost, hitting Boston tomorrow, followed by two nights in New York, Thursday and Friday. One night in Brooklyn. One night in Manhattan. I'll be devouring bagels and microphones, if all goes well.

Thanks to everyone who has come out for the shows thus far and we're looking forward to the upcoming silences and noise – comfortable and otherwise – with all the rest of you in the next few days.

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Mary said...

Thanks for linking to the Express article. Your quote is SO right: Every ARKS show does feel like my big brother is there! I thought I was unique in that way, but I guess I'm just sharing in the masterfully-crafted musical experience. :-p

Meanwhile, Margo say "prrow," and all's well on the homefront. Eat a Boston donut and an NY bagel for me.